Easing The Burden Of Partnership Disputes And Business Dissolution

It is essential that you have a thorough and detailed partnership and business plan in place when you enter into any business, commercial or real estate agreement. Planning during the transaction for exit strategies, workouts, buyouts and dissolution procedures can help prevent disputes or resolve partnership disputes outside of litigation.

At Karlin Associates, LLC, we can help address the key components of a partnership agreement and resolve issues that arise. This may involve:

  • Control and responsibilities: How are decisions made regarding business operations and financing? How much control does each partner have over these decisions? What are each partner's responsibilities in business operations and management?
  • Policies and procedures: Are there official procedures in place to make operating decisions and resolve disputes within the organization? Is there a board of directors that must vote to approve of a decision?
  • Exit strategies: What circumstances may call for business dissolution or the removal of a business partner? How will responsibilities be transferred if a board member, director or partner leaves the organization? How will ownership percentages be shifted in the event of a managerial change?

These are just a few examples of the issues that should be clearly addressed and outlined in your business and/or real estate transaction. As experienced litigators, we can help you make thoughtful decisions that prevent problems later on.

The Knowledge To Prevent And Resolve Legal Disputes

At Karlin Associates, LLC, our lawyers offer decades of experience in a wide range of business and real estate transactions as well as vast experience in litigation. We know where deals often go wrong and help our clients avoid costly conflicts at the outset of a business partnership. We have handled cases for small, mid-size and large corporate entities, all of which appreciate our dedication to client service and fees that reflect the good work we do — nothing more.

Still, issues can easily arise even with the most detailed and strategic agreements in place. While our attorneys are willing and able to aggressively fight for our clients' interests in court, we know many clients are better served through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration.

Whatever the case, we will make sure it is handled in your best interest. Contact our office in Chicago, Illinois, via email or by telephone at 312-620-1299 to arrange a consultation.