Thoughtful And Effective Counsel For Commercial Real Estate Closings

Representing Buyers And Sellers In The Closing Process

Ultimately, a real estate closing is about detail and a focus on getting the deal done. At Karlin Associates, LLC, our goal is to complete a commercial real estate closing as efficiently as possible while addressing all important factors for our clients. This includes key components like:

  • A detailed plan about your intent for the property and how that plan will be implemented. Commercial real estate often involves dramatic changes to the property in question. It is not as straightforward as buying a house for personal use. You may be purchasing a warehouse that will be remodeled for loft and apartment space. You may be planning to demolish a structure and rebuild on the land. Everything from financing to municipal code must be considered so you can outline the process and gather all relevant parties toward a common goal: closing.
  • A thorough analysis of the risks and opportunities that may arise as your plan is underway. Even a detailed plan will have bumps in the road on the way to closing. Real property laws may present obstacles. Title insurance risks may be brought to your attention. 1031 exchanges may help you defer tax liabilities. You need to work with someone who knows how to handle the unexpected as it comes up.
  • A complete examination of the third parties that may contribute to your plan's success or failures. Buyers and sellers who are directly benefiting from a purchase/sale agreement and commercial real estate closing will be motivated to move the project forward. Third parties like government agencies or vendors are not as motivated. To them, your closing may be just another file to sift through. You need to know when and how to push third parties for a timely response.
  • A sharp response during seemingly chaotic closing procedures. When everything comes together at closing, there will be many details from many parties that need to be organized all at once. Things must happen in a specific order. You may need to present certain certifications in order to get something done, but perhaps those certifications are contingent on another party's actions. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer who understands these processes and is as dedicated to your project's completion as you are.

Experience And Skill Will Make A Difference

Our attorneys offer more than 60 years of combined experience in a wide range of business and real estate transactions and litigation. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, our business know-how and our results-driven counsel.

We are straightforward at the outset of any case, letting our clients know what they can expect throughout the legal process and how much it may cost. We will keep the surprises to a minimum and make sure you have the information you need to make educated decisions about your project.

Contact our office in Chicago, Illinois, to arrange a consultation with an experienced attorney. We can be reached via email or by telephone at 312-620-1299.